About the Author

2015-06-24 15.15.18Robert Smith  Pittsburg, Kansas, USA  – @BritHistorian
I’m a part-time lecturer in History at Pittsburg State University.  Also researcher, domestic supervisor and presiding  Chef de Cuisine at the Maison Smith.   At various times I have called myself a Librarian, Broadcaster, Historian, and Geek. At a ripe old age I went back to college and as a result I am a proud  MA History Graduate from Pittsburg State University, Kansas. (Go Gorillas!).  Looking for new challenges all the time  – see driver for details.

I’m an aviation enthusiast of long standing  (or as I said elsewhere, a dyed in the wool aviation nut). I think the bug first bit me at an exhibition in London in 1965 when my parents asked me if I’d like a model Spitfire “like the one Daddy used to fly.”  I still have it, by the way.

When I’m not writing this blog I’m writing my other blog “Rambles in the Air” (which you can find at  https://airbornerambler.wordpress.com/). It’s a blog about aviation topics which  caught my eye or about which I felt a compulsion to blog.

I enjoy reading other peoples’ blogs, watching old movies, looking at YouTube, yelling at Wikipedia, tweeting about Public Radio (shout out to KRPS 89.9FM, Pittsburg’s NPR station and a terrific bunch of people), aviation, and random topics. I’m also learning how to play the Didgeridoo, the Ukulele, and Garageband on IOS – not all at the same time.  I am happily married to Susan and we live with our Border Collie cross  and a houseful of books in semi rural Pittsburg,  Kansas.